Colac Aero Club provides professional flight training services to assist students who are either entering and/or advancing their aviation careers.

We offer pathways to attain recognised pilot certificates, issued by Recreational Aviation Australia​.

 Whether it be your initial flight as a student or just a once-off adventure into the big blue sky, a Trial Introductory Flight is a no-obligation session.

After a brief introduction on how an aircraft flies and is controlled, you’ll step into the cockpit of a Jabiru J-170D aircraft and take to the skies.

Once airborne, you'll be provided an opportunity to take control and guide the aircraft through the air. This experience is one that every pilot remembers! Whether you’re interested in pursuing flight training or want to give someone an exhilarating gift, nothing compares to taking control of an aircraft for the first time.        Once you get a taste, we make it easy to commence flight training here in Colac, simply request your Trial Introductory Flight below.

Online booking fees will not be charged to customers and students at this time, all prices displayed are subject to availability and can be withdrawn or varied without notice.

Colac Aero Club charges students according to flight hours flown, all flights and any training are required to be paid in full upon concluding every one session. Colac Aero Club may request that payment be made in full before commencing the session, Sessions are subject to both Instructor and aircraft availability, as well as weather conditions. Sessions can be booked upto 14 days in advance, we recommend viewing the upcoming weather forecast before submitting a booking request using the Bureau of Meteorology's website. You'll be required to attend the session with one valid form of photo identification and participants under the age of 18 years require a parent/guardian to allow permission for the student to partake in the session. Control of an aircraft is provided to students during a Trial Introductory Flight and all flights there after, this is at the discretion of the Flight Instructor/Pilot in Command due to safety requirements, we're unable to guarantee that all students will be provided control of an aircraft during a Trial Introductory Flight. Non-English speaking participants may not be able to fly, as the Flight Instructor may not not be able to communicate critical safety information. Please contact us prior to booking to confirm if this particular matter may be of concern. All Instructors will endeavour to provide the exact flight duration time as specified on the session booking request, however due to variable circumstances such as, weather, air traffic and air traffic control, flight sessions may vary +/- 10-15% as listed and appropriate billing adjustments will be made and accounted for.